Sunday, March 18, 2018


The first official day of Spring is also the Spring Solstice.  The Spring Solstice is tomorrow.  And tomorrow is only a few hours away from now.  So enjoy the last remaining hours of Winter.  Because the snow and ice will be going soon.  And in it's place is the gradual phasing in of Summer.  Yeah, Winter will be back when the year 2018 is almost nearly finished.  But right now is the third month of the year 2018.  So the year 2018 is still brand new to us all.  And I'm looking forward to the return of Summer.  I'm pretty certain that everybody else is ready for Summer too.  So stock up on the sunscreen because the scorching hot Summer months is getting closer.  I can't wait to see what the hot Summer months is going to have in store for us all.  And it all starts tomorrow.  A few hours from now will see Summer slowly return.  That's going to be so exciting.
Um, er, um, actually today is only the eighteenth day of March.  Which means that a few hours from now will only be the nineteenth day of March.  March 19, 2018 is not the first official day of Spring.  Sorry about that.  I guess I was premature in my celebration to commemorate the first official day of Spring.  Not to worry though.  Springtime will arrive sooner than you think.
And as I'm lost in thought as I remember that Summer is coming, here are some photos of the following individuals.
Blake Lively

 Blake Lively, Lorraine Schwartz and Usher Raymond IV aka Usher
 Blake Lively and Ofira Sandberg
 Heidi Klum

 Heidi Klum, Lorraine Schwartz and Rita Ora
 Heidi Klum, Lorraine Schwartz, Rita Ora and Ofira Sandberg

 Heidi Klum and Rita Ora

 Julianne Hough and Usher
 Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich

  Julianne Hough

 Lorraine Schwartz and Blake Lively

 Lorraine Schwartz, Blake Lively and Ofira Sandberg
 Lorraine Schwartz and Julianne Hough
 Lorraine Schwartz and Rita Ora
 Lorraine Schwartz, Rita Ora and Ofira Sandberg

 Richard Lawson, Tina Knowles, Blake Lively, Lorraine Schwartz, Julianne Hough, Ofira Sandberg and Usher
 Rita Ora

Friday, March 16, 2018


Winter has four more days left before it's over.  Four more days until Spring.  Yeah, I know what you're thinking Gentle Reader.  You're thinking shouldn't Spring start on March 1, 2018?  Alas, Spring never starts on the first day of March.  Rather, Spring actually starts with the Spring Solstice.  And the Spring Solstice is four days from now.  So it's time to spend the next four days enjoying what little time of Winter there is left.  Because when Winter is over, it's gone for the next six months.  And when Winter returns, it will be close to the end of the year instead of being at the start of the year.  And who knows what type of changes we'll be facing at the end of the year.  But we're putting the cart before the horse.  Let's first enjoy the end of Winter and the start of Spring.  The Gentle Reader and I will worry about everything else on a later time.
And as I'm lost in thought while remembering that Spring is coming, here are some photos of the following individuals.
Bailee Madison

 Barbara Palvin

 Charlize Theron

 Diane Kruger

 Gabriella Wilde

 Gal Gadot

 Hailee Steinfeld

 Kamila Filipcikova

 Megan Fox

 Sophie Turner